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Fibre Bottle Generation 2.0. One step closer.

At Carlsberg we’re partnering to rethink packaging. After starting the Fibre Bottle project in 2015 with several partners, in 2019 it matured into a formal partnership with Paboco. In 2022 we have made bio-based and fully recyclable bottles available to consumers in our largest ever trial.

A significant milestone for the new generation Fibre Bottle is its plant-based PEF polymer lining, which has been developed by our partner Avantium, a leading expert in renewable chemistry.

PEF is made entirely from natural raw materials, is compatible with plastic recycling systems, and can degrade into nature should it end up outside national recycling systems. Beyond its sustainable packaging benefits, PEF functions as a highly effective barrier between the beer and the fibre outer shell, protecting the taste and fizziness of the beer better than conventional fossil-fuel-based PET plastic. 

Packaging forms a substantial part of our value chain carbon footprint, so innovations are vital for meeting our 30% reduction target by 2030. In 2018 we launched a number of sustainable packaging solutions, including recycled shrink film, greener label ink and the plastic-reducing Snap Pack. They contribute towards our commitment to a 30% reduction in our full-value-chain carbon footprint by 2030.

 The outer shell of the bottle, produced by the packaging company Paboco, consists of sustainably-sourced wood fibre and is also bio-based. This shell has the added benefit of insulative properties which can help keep beer colder for longer, compared to cans or glass bottles.

Advancements have not been limited to the bottle itself, as we have also bottled a more sustainable brew for our 2022 consumer trials. In collaboration with barley malt supplier Soufflet, we have brewed a beer with barley that has been cultivated using fully organic and regenerative agricultural practices.

 "It’s a truly exciting milestone that – for the very first time – consumers can now experience a PEF-lined beer bottle. With business partners such as the Carlsberg Group, Avantium can further scale and build the PEF value chain, meeting the growing global demand for circular and renewable material solutions. This is what the material transition is about: ensuring that people can get access to novel and sustainable products at scale."

- Tom van Aken
CEO, Avantium

Thirsty for more?

Snap Pack. An innovation to reduce plastic

Snap Pack. An innovation to reduce plastic

We’re constantly trying to make everything about our beers even better. Snap Pack is one of the results. A world-first for the beer industry, this innovation took us three years to develop together with our partners.

Helping festival-goers with sustainable solutions

Helping festival-goers with sustainable solutions

Every year, hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers enjoy our beer. We are working with organisers to switch from one-way plastic and introduce other eco-friendly measures – easier said than done, especially in rural locations. At Northern Europe’s biggest festival, Roskilde in Denmark, we overcame the challenges.

Going for 1.5˚C

Going for 1.5˚C

It’s been a big year for 1.5°C. At this critical time for the planet, media coverage has been unprecedented and there was an affirmed commitment at COP25. Our sustainability ambitions at Carlsberg are aligned to the most ambitious science-based target of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, going beyond the Paris Agreement’s base level.