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The Carlsberg Foundation

Pursuit of Perfection since 1876


The connection between brewing and excellent research is in the Carlsberg Foundation’s DNA.

When J.C. Jacobsen established the Carlsberg Foundation in 1876, he created the platform for one of the world’s very first enterprise foundations with societal commitments. The Carlsberg Foundation is an embodiment of J.C. Jacobsen’s career-long interest in science as well as his ambition to brew the best beer.

The brewer founded the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1875. This laboratory soon wrote itself into the annals of industrial history as a groundbreaking research establishment. Here, outstanding scientists conduct intensive research into areas related to brewing based on J.C. Jacobsen’s conviction that the process can be improved through science.

At the Carlsberg Foundation ambitious brewing enterprise blossoms side by side with research and support for excellent basic research. The Carlsberg Foundation still holds the controlling interest in Carlsberg A/S, and the Chair of the Foundation is the Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board of Carlsberg A/S.

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The Carlsberg Foundation is one of the world's oldest commercial foundations

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The Carlsberg Foundation was established in 1876 to support science.

In 1882, J.C. Jacobsen bequeathed all of his property, including his brewery, to the Carlsberg Foundation. Following the Brewer’s death in 1887, the foundation took over the brewery on October 1, 1888. Since then, the Carlsberg Foundation has overseen the Carlsberg Group, ensuring that the brewery is run with the focus on innovation and high-quality products. In accordance with the Brewer’s wishes and vision the Carlsberg Foundation gives back the dividends from the shares in Carlsberg A/S to society by supporting excellent basic research within the fields of natural science, social science, and the humanities.

The Foundation’s further obligations include supporting the research at Carlsberg Laboratory, maintaining and developing the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle and granting funds for socially beneficial purposes through the Tuborg Foundation, especially in support of youth communities.

The Carlsberg Group is currently the only global brewery owned by an enterprise foundation.

The Carlsberg Foundation has two main objectives:


  1. To be an active investor with a controlling interest in Carlsberg A/S, thus ensuring a decisive influence on the Carlsberg Group’s strategy.

  2. To support basic scientific research within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities through dividends from Carlsberg A/S.


The Carlsberg Foundation’s task is to manage the legacy of brewer J.C. Jacobsen in such a way that his thoughts and ideas are reflected and respected, and so that the Foundation’s Charter is duly applied and adapted to modern principles, thereby helping set the direction for the company, science and society.

Frederiksborg Castle and the Museum of National History

The castle has been home to the Museum of National History since 1878. The museum was established at the initiative of J.C. Jacobsen, and is run today as an independent department of the Carlsberg Foundation.