Integrated Supply Chain

Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) brings together the central procurement, production, logistics and planning functions in the Carlsberg Group under one roof.

About ISC

ISC manages the world-wide brewery network in Carlsberg Group, handles the global procurement processes, sets the global standards for brewing technology and logistics services and ensures end-to-end planning through the entire supply chain.

By integrating these functions, we improve the utilisation of our assets, standardise and streamline processes, increase speed and efficiency and improve customer service.


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Core Functional Areas


The key categories managed by Procurement are raw materials (malted barley, sugar, hops, etc), packaging materials (cans, glass, PET, etc.), operations (e.g. transport, facility management and brewing equipment), and sales & marketing (media, agencies, etc.).

The role of Procurement is to ensure a steady supply of input, manage all supply risks, negotiate prices and lower the complexity in our supplies. By managing our procurement of the key categories on a Group level, Carlsberg is able to optimize terms and conditions and also benefit from longer lasting relationships with our suppliers.

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The Production/Manufacturing & Technology function in the Carlsberg Group covers the areas at the core of what we do: brewing beer!

The Production/Manufacturing & Technology function in CSC is responsible for the brewery network in the Carlsberg Group. It ensures a steady supply of goods, controls the quality of our beers, maintains the brewing equipment in the most efficient way, and manages the construction of new breweries worldwide.

By bringing together our engineering expertise from our breweries all around the world we are able to share the very best practice - from the beer recipes and Lean implementations to the health and safety policies.


The Logistics and Customer Supply Chain functions are responsible for distributing the products to the customers, so that they are always available when the consumers are ready to buy them – whether that is in the supermarket or in a bar, pub or restaurant.

The function optimises warehouse networks, distribution and transportation flows, full E2E planning including demand etc., in order to make sure we move the beer from our breweries to our customers in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner.


The planning function is the end-to-end support to the whole Supply Chain, reaching out from our customer's shelves and counters to our suppliers' suppliers.

Planning ensures that we have the necessary products in stock in our warehouses, that we produce the right products in the right quantities, and that we have the right amount of raw materials at all times.
Planning is built on both skills and relationships, combining the strength of a centrally located planning team and a network of planning teams in the countries/regions and breweries. On a global scale, Planning develops capabilities in the areas of planning and customer service.



Careers at ISC

Working for the Carlsberg Integrated Supply Chain will give you the chance to contribute to this highly ambitious function within the Carlsberg Group as well as the opportunity to set your own "foot print" in the organisation during its continuously rapid development. If you enjoy working in an international environment and have an entrepreneurial spirit, ISC can be a unique chance for your career and personal development.

We are looking for candidates with professional experience as well as those who are just starting their careers. We are interested in people who have a degree in economics (particularly supply chain management), and are fluent in English. Knowledge of several languages will be an advantage.