Our actions towards ZERO

Read case stories from around the world and find out what we’re doing to achieve our ZERO ambitions.

Our first carbon neutral brewery

After many years of working to increase efficiency and reduce impacts, Carlsberg’s Falkenberg brewery in Sweden has succeeded in getting carbon emissions from thermal energy and electricity down to zero. The brewery is now 100% powered by biogas and green electricity, providing inspiration to breweries around the world.

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Tuborg Beer Plugs

Studies show that loud music leads to people drinking more, and faster, which can be particularly true at music festivals. That’s why Tuborg created Beer Plugs - helping festival-goers to slow their drinking and better enjoy the music and their beer.

Going for 1.5°C

The main goal of the Paris Agreement is to keep the global temperature rise this century well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, with a stretch target of 1.5°C. At Carlsberg, we’ve risen to the challenge, aligning our own targets with the higher ambition level.

Probably the most climate-friendly bar in the world

Consumer awareness is key to making sustainable progress, and we’re doing our bit to explain this in a fun and engaging way. Our ZERO Carbon Windmill Bar is fully powered by an integrated windmill, and a special bicycle that consumers can use to generate the power needed to cool their beer!

Carlsberg Young Scientists Community

Game-changing innovation is needed to eliminate carbon emissions and reduce water waste - for the benefit of our business and the wider world. But where will it come from? Our recently formed Carlsberg Young Scientists Community will be cooperating with our supply chain organisation, partners and academic institutions to explore and apply new technologies.

Free to choose alcohol-free

Making alcohol-free brews more widely available is one of our key strategies for achieving our ambition of ZERO irresponsible drinking. They’re gaining popularity, and in some key markets, such as France, now account for 5% of the total market. Look out for Organic Carlsberg Non-alcoholic Tourtel Twist, 1664 Sans Alcool in France, Baltika 0 in Russia and Fix and Fix Aney in Greece.


A step closer to 100% renewable electricity

In 2017, our use of electricity from renewable sources such as biomass, biogas, solar power and renewable energy certificates (with guarantees of origin) reached a total of 46%. This was largely thanks to the energy generated by our own rooftop solar installations in India, China and Switzerland, which produced a total of 3,819 MWh of renewable electricity.

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Global beer responsibility day

When it comes to responsible drinking, our vision is to have all our employees acting as ambassadors. To help us communicate about this, we want to form partnerships with other individuals and organisations.


Cooling, the natural way

During the winter months, our Baltika breweries in Samara, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, and Yaroslavl in Russia are using dry and free cooling refrigeration systems to reduce their energy consumption.


Keeping cool

We rely on the refrigerants - used in fridges and with draught equipment - to keep beer cool. Cooling currently makes up 9% of our carbon footprint. To reduce this figure and support the development of more environmentally friendly technology, we are switching to low-climate impact refrigerants and cooling.

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Tackling drink cycling in Denmark

Research shows that one in four Danish cycling accidents involves alcohol. That’s why we partnered with the Danish road safety council and a Copenhagen-based taxi company, to raise awareness about the problem.

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Water risk assessment with WWF

As water scarcity becomes a pressing problem for more communities globally, we partnered with WWF to identify which of our sites are in water-scarce areas.

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More beer, less water

Our water reduction targets are ambitious. The key to achieving them is to treat water with the utmost respect. That’s why our breweries are using cutting-edge technology to make sure every drop counts.  In 2017, we commissioned four zero liquid discharge projects at our Indian breweries. Using new, cutting-edge technology, they can now purify water and reduce salt concentration to the extent that it is suitable for cleaning or for discharge into the environment.


Thoroughly Moderne in Paris

How do you encourage responsible drinking without spoiling the consumers’ fun? Supported by social organisation Groupe SOS and sponsored by Kronenbourg, La Moderne, a new concept bar in France, has developed some bright ideas about this.

Paris concept bar.png

Change starts from within

We are keen to promote responsible drinking behaviour, and what better place to start than in our own business? Alcohol locks, which prevent people from driving when over the limit, are now being introduced on all our newly acquired trucks and other company vehicles.


Stop and think - making time for safety

For people to reflect calmly on health and safety issues, they need to step outside their daily routine. That’s why many of our markets have been running full day training sessions to reinforce key messages.  In China, employees took a 24-hour break to ‘stop and think’ about safety.


A trio of Cradle-to-Cradle® (C2C) certifications

Packaging accounts for 40% of our carbon footprint. Thanks to our growing number of circular packaging partnerships, we have now attained three Cradle-to-Cradle® (C2C) packaging certifications.


Every drop counts

Our ambition is to halve water use at our breweries by 2030. In 2017, we achieved a 6% reduction in water consumption across the Group, compared to 2015.