Carlsberg Sweden opens underwater bar

To remind Swedes to abstain from alcohol when sailing, Carlsberg Sweden has created an underwater bar at the bottom of the sea.

At the lake, alcohol intake can be life-threatening. Intoxication impairs judgment, responsiveness and coordination, which increases the risk of a serious accident. According to statistics from the Swedish Transportation Agency, more than every second person who dies in recreational boating accidents has alcohol in their blood (2011-2020). That is why "Don't drink and boat" is the call to the Swedes this summer. To remind people to abstain from alcohol at sea.

"As a leading brewery and distributor of alcoholic beverages, we have a responsibility for how our beverages are consumed. Our ambition with the underwater bar is that it will be an important reminder to abstain from alcohol at sea, and instead choose an alcohol-free alternative," says Henric Byström, Communications Manager at Carlsberg Sweden.

Underwater bar in Smögen
The full-size bar measures 3.5 meters in width and 2.5 meters in height and comes complete with bar counter, bar stools, neon signs, beer cooler and taps. During the week, there is an opportunity for holiday guests on the west coast to visit the underwater bar, which has been sunk outside the seafood restaurant Gösta's fish and Smögen's fish auction. 

Alcohol-free beer trend
It has been 16 years since Carlsberg Sweden began its major investment in alcohol-free beer with the launch of Carlsberg Alcohol Free. Since then, more and more Swedes have caught on to the alcohol-free trend, and now drink just over 20 million liters of alcohol-free beer every year.

"For those who still want to enjoy a good beer on the lake, there is now a large selection of tasty alcohol-free beer. At Carlsberg Sweden alone, we currently have 15 different alcohol-free brews in our portfolio," says Henric Byström.


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