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Carlsberg Global Shared Services

Carlsberg Global Shared Services (GSS) is an independent shared service center that provides services to other companies that are part of the Carlsberg Group.

About GSS

The Carlsberg Group decided to create Carlsberg Shared Services in Poznań (Poland) in early 2006 and the first employees were hired in August that year. Originally, Carlsberg Shared Services was created to provide accounting services, but today it is also responsible for IT, Master Data, Procurement, Internal Controls, HR Services, Logistics, Planning, Sales Support and Controlling across the Group in Europe.

We have more than 350 employees, ranging from professionals to people taking their first steps in the business.

As GSS, we implement future-oriented operating model and thorough performance management framework. Our mission is to invest in services and people capabilities as well as look beyond transactional activities. By providing high quality services, we aim at being one of the driving forces behind the process of standardization and centralization in Western Europe region.

We are constantly evolving our center and taking next steps by developing Center of Excellence within GSS. With Data, Reporting & Analytics we are leveraging Carlsberg Shared Services as one of the largest data sources for analytics implementation. Along with Intelligent Automation, we are also integrating bots into the Shared Services future.

Carlsberg Global Shared Services is growing and developing with Carlsberg Breweries, and it is our ambition to be a world class provider of business services. We aim that our high performing team is a key player in the region and delivers services with high quality at competitive unit costs.

Press contacts

All media inquiries should be addressed to:

Communication Specialist

Zuzanna Matuszewska

Tel +48 695 400 167 Email

Our processes

Record to report

Ensures all transactions are timely recorded, in line with all accounting requirements.  Assures compliance of financial statements with group and statutory reporting requirements. Provides Asset Management, General Accounting, Compliance, I/C Reconciliation, Period End Closing, Consolidation, BS reconciliation and statutory & local external reporting.

Controlling Center of Excellence (CoE)

Makes sure that we provide accurate, timely and insightful information, supporting decision making   process through a dedicated teams of subject matter experts. The team is responsible for Management Reporting Product Pricing, centralized activities supporting local BP role, Cost Center Planning & Controlling, bridge analysis for cost groups, budget/estimate presentations and procurement controlling.

Customer to cash

Enables customer centricity and strengthens sales performance across markets while ensuring proper customer data & contract administration and order management. The team supports dispute management, customer invoicing and finish at cash collections from our customers. Work scope of the team is Contract Administration, Order Management, Rebates & Pricing, Technical Services, Accounts   Receivable, Incoming payments and Customer Master Data.

Transport control tower

TCT team optimizes freight flows and transportation, providing more streamlined way to manage supplier contracts and performance. At its core is a central team of people who coordinate all the activities associated with executing orders. These activities include planning and maximizing loading,  allocating the right transport providers, communicating with warehouses to determine loading and unloading times and checking transport invoices.

Source to pay (StP)

Ensures that we are compliant with procurement policies, provides assistance to the purchasing process    and that we are paying our bills on time. StP is responsible for Sourcing, Contract administration, Procurement Operations, Accounts Payable, Outgoing payments, WF, Procurement, and Vendor Master Data.

Internal controls

Assures all processes are compliant with internal control standards, as well as the execution of internal controls is in line with group framework.

Other areas

There are several other departments responsible for support and development in our company. Among them you can find:

Finance & Administration, Service Management, Human Resources, Change & Communication, IT, HR Services, Group Internal Audit.

Careers at GSS

We are looking for candidates with professional experiences, as well as those who are just starting their careers. We are interested in people who have a university degree and are fluent in English. Knowledge of several language will be an advantage.