Stop and think - making time for safety

Building a ZERO accidents culture is a day-to-day mission. We believe it pays to pull people from their daily routine and provide opportunities to reflect calmly on health & safety issues.

A full day of training and best-practice sharing is a powerful way to demonstrate our commitment and reinforce key messages. 

Many of our markets are now doing this on an annual basis. Carlsberg China held its EHS day on 12 December 2017. Operations were halted for 24 hours at all sites so that employees and contractors could focus 100% on safety, sharing best practice on topics such as traffic safety, conducting emergency drills and rewarding teams that had demonstrated leadership during the year.

The purpose of the day was to create awareness of the importance of changing unsafe behaviours as we build a culture of ZERO accidents. 

This activity reached 6,589 people in one go, including Carlsberg Group employees and contractors as well as local government and media.