More beer, less water

Responsible water stewardship is one of the most material issues for our business, which is why our water reduction targets are so ambitious. The key to achieving them is to treat water with the utmost respect.

As part of our global drive for water efficiency, we’ve started implementing the latest water-saving technologies at our breweries – with a particular focus on the 15 high-risk regions identified in 2016 with the help of WWF.

In 2017, we commissioned four zero liquid discharge projects at our Indian breweries, and these were taken into full operation.  Using cutting-edge technology, the breweries can purify water and reduce salt concentration to the extent that it can safely be used in the cleaning process or discharged into the environment without effluent.

This is the most effective way to cut water waste in the brewing process, and will be a central part of our roadmap towards 1.7 hl/hl.