Global Beer Responsibility Day

When it comes to responsible drinking, our vision is to have all our employees acting as ambassadors. To help us communicate about this, we want to form partnerships with other individuals and organisations.

In 2015, we helped organise the first ever Global Beer Responsibility Day - a worldwide collaborative effort between brewers, retailers, police authorities and NGOs. Its purpose is to promote responsible consumption of beer while addressing the issues around alcohol misuse. In 2015, Carlsberg ran activities in 10 markets. Over 5,500 employees and 100,000 retailers got involved and we reached some 1.5 million consumers.

In 2017, we organised the third GBRD, and the figures were even more impressive. 22 of our markets participated, and our combined activities reached 54 million people, more than twice as many as in 2016. We are delighted that so many of these activities were carried out in partnership with other organisations, including over 70,000 retailers and bars.

GBRD is the largest initiative of its kind in the brewing industry’s history.