Free to choose alcohol-free

To make it easier for consumers to drink responsibly, we are steadily growing our portfolio of alcohol-free brews. The great news is, people love them!

AFBs now account for up to 5% of total sales in some of our key markets.

In 2017, 26 of our alcohol-free beer brands were available in 43 countries, with more launches to follow in 2018. In France, key brands such as Tourtel Twist and 1664 Sans Alcool continued to grow. In Russia, our Baltika brand holds a 43% market share. Baltika 0 was twice been named best beer within the field of consumer goods. It also won the Chamber of Commerce’s product of the year award, and has received numerous accolades outside Russia too. In 2018, the line extension Baltika 0 Wheat will be launched nationally.

Our alcohol-free beer brands are sold in 43 countries

Meanwhile, in Greece, our popular FIX brand launched a new alcohol-free product extension, FIX ANEY. Following a successful launch campaign, the brand’s popularity is growing amongst consumers, and FIX ANEY is expected to achieve a 39% volume share of the Greek AFB market in 2018.