To address some of the world's major challenges around climate change and water scarcity and to help achieve our 2030 sustainability targets in Together Towards ZERO, we're establishing a community of creative, innovative and forward thinking young scientists. In particular, the Carlsberg Young Scientists Community will focus on the Carlsberg Group’s ambitions of a ZERO carbon footprint and ZERO water waste.

The best job for the world. Probably.

The Carlsberg Group is looking for the world’s brightest young postdocs to work in a community of scientists, including postdoc fellows, experts, universities and the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. The Community offers an amazing opportunity for young scientists to build on achievements made at the historic laboratory and develop exciting new projects that set new industry standards for science-based and partnership-driven sustainability research.


The Carlsberg Young Scientists Community will be led by Carlsberg Research Laboratory – home to ground-breaking innovations such as the pH scale, purified yeast and climate-tolerant barley. The Community will have access to the global Carlsberg Group value chain and expertise, as well as opportunities for testing the scaling of new solutions.

Commenting on the initiative, Cees 't Hart, Carlsberg Group CEO, says: “We are looking at all options to reduce the environmental impact of brewing, and the young scientists will play a key role in this work. The Young Scientists Community will identify innovative solutions for achieving our 2030 targets within water and carbon for the benefit of the Carlsberg Group and the world.”