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Seasonal Brews
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During winter time – especially up in the frozen north – we need a little light in our lives. From the Nya Carnegie Brewery you see many people hanging up colourful strings of lights in their living rooms and on their balconies to illuminate the long dark winter nights. It seems beautifully poetic that from this location in the old ‘Luma’ lightbulb factory, in fact on the street called Ljusslingan (meaning string of lights), that the Nye Carnegie Brewery can produce this beer designed specifically to lighten up everyone’s winter.

‘Ljusslingan’ is based on a traditional German Schwarzbier, and as is usual from a Nya Carnegie beer. Although fermented as a lager, the main driver of the malt flavour is provided by caramelized and roasted malts from Bavaria. This deep russet brown beer has an easy, snappy bitterness and a quick finish with lingering malt roast tones and tropical fruit notes from a late hop addition of the Pacific Northwest hop blend Falconer’s Flight.

Food Pairings

Ideal at the Christmas table or with Christmas ham, smoked meat and sausage, game and dark bread slices.